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Meet Our Clients

WE Strategies work with districts, public agencies, cities, foundations, and social ventures across the country

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Office of the State Superintendent in Education

Washington, District of Columbia

  • Educator Wellness Strategy + Professional Development

  • English Learner Program Needs Assessment + Coaching

  • Special Education Professional Development Analysis + Planning

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Maryland Department of Education

Baltimore, Maryland

  • Leadership Coaching - Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI) Schools 

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Department of Employment Services

Washington, District of Columbia

  • Workforce Development Program Reviews

  • Networked Communities of Practice

  • Youth Development Program Design

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Workforce Investment Council

Washington, District of Columbia

  • Program Development

  • Project Management

  • Performance and Research Support

  • Data and Landscape analyses - Job-seeker Suppy + Employer Demand

  •  Skills-based Hiring and Quality Job Initiatives 

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District of Columbia Public Schools

Washington, District of Columbia

  • School Leadership Team Retreats

  • School Improvement Plan Facilitation 

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